Madame Cheibo "No Comments" Covering Our Camera!

"I don't understand what all the fuzz is about, he wanted a good time and that's what he had with me, he'd be lucky to find another kitty chibs that will put up with his demands" -- said Madame Cheibo while claiming to be innocent and a "victim" in all of this.

"Demands" is what she calls, Mr. Pyotr Chibcat begging her to wear her best dress for the gondola trips in Italy, or to wear her pure mink coats, leather clothing and pure raccoon fur multi-thousand dollar coat in her Vatican tour. "He made me wear high heels to go to Tower of Pisa!!!"

What does Mr. Pyotr Chibcat have to say about this? "She left me for a junkyard kitty from the VORTEX!!!"


"I want my money back!"

The Broken Hearted

Chibs royal

Mr. Pyotr Chibcat's back in better days

Mr. Pyotr Chibcat and Madame Cheibo met in the City of Marada Hotel in one of the tycoon's business trips, Madame Cheibo was the main attraction in the ball room stage. The live singer had a modest life and middle class salary, dressed modestly and loved glamour. It was common to see her wear high heels, and sexy glittery outfits. Some of her most popular songs were "Love of the Chibs" and "Kitty Chibs in Love" but it was while she sang the song "Love Was Made for You and Me" when Mr. Pyotr Chibcat was convinced they were Mr. and Mrs. Right!

"I bought her diamonds, a 232,300,000 marapoints diamond ring, the biggest diamonds in all Marada... I bought her a cruise in the Maradan River, but she wasn't happy... after a month or so she said 'I want to see horizons beyond Marada, I want jewels, clothes, I want it all' in a glamouristic voice only she can do"

Before you know it, it was Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Australia, and later back home to Marada. It wasn't until Mr. Pyotr Chibcat gave Madame a 200,000,000 Account Upgrade credits and a cell phone when Madame began to change; according to Mr. Pyotr Chibcat.

"She no longer wanted to call me, if I called the phone was busy, or she'd be irritated when I got a hold of her; she didn't look into my eyes when I wanted to kiss her. By the way, there was always an excuse when I wanted to kiss her such as 'oh my gosh I have a hairball, my breath is not minty fresh, or I have a mouth sore...' etc. Then she began to accuse me of being unfaithful to her company, she even said I mistreated her... NONSENSE!"

The Thief

Chibs trailer

The alleged thief "junk-yard chibs"

According to Mr. Pyotr Chibcat the next thing he knew was that the credit was gone, completely! The once full 200 million account upgrade credits were all gone, when asked about it, the Accounts Upgrade clerk newth told Mr. Pyotr Chibcat that a "Trailer Chibs" came with a "Hobo Chibs" friend and bought everything they could.

We went further into the investigation, we decided to give the "junk-yard" kitty chibs a visit; a peep through a door ajar revealed a scratchy voice surrounded by darkness...

"My son is not home, please stop visiting I am tired of reporters!"

Mr. Pyotr Chibcat says he wont rest until he can get his justice "I wont rest until Madame Cheibo and the Junk-yard Chibs are in the slammer!"

So there you have it, a crucial witness on the run, Madame Cheibo accused of mishandling a fortune, and a broken hearted, hungry for revenge Mr. Pyotr Chibcat.... what else is going to come out of this? We'll keep the investigations.


The parodies in Marapetia were made for fun purposes and should not be taken literally. Images and names pertaining to pets or places in Marada all belong to (Ian and Laimay) and were used with permission.