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Welcome to Marapetia
But, what is Marapetia? - It’s a place where you share your made-up stories and parodies about Marapets (your pets, your minipets, Shop owners, missions, quests, favorite activities, etc)! In short, it's a wiki about "Marapets" parodies that anyone can edit! Marapets is a great pet site owned by a person called Ian who - along with a team of staff - tries to help everyone on the site as much as possible. This Wiki was adopted by Molokaicreeper on February 26th, 2010!

29 articles since April 17, 2009!


Ladies and gentlemen, the latest! It's sweeping the nation! The biggest scandal in Maradan celebrity history. She took half his money, demanded jewelry, diamonds, the most expensive clothes; but it ended in betrayal! A Chibs' heart is broken, read more...

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Marapetia was abandoned, so there aren't many content pages. Please click on the images to see what we're about.

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Mysterious Pets

THEMYSTERIOUSPET Criminals, fugitives, mysterious pets... The MBI is looking for these guys, learn a little about them and help us find them!

Marapets Wikis Merging

Marapedia Merge icon The oldest Marapets Wiki Marapedia (created in February 2008) and the Maradan Chronicles (created on July 2009) are now ONE wiki. Marapedia was mainly a directory of Marapets related articles, and the Maradan Chronicles focused more in the historical part of Marapets. Now both together, are going to be the best Marapets source of information in the web. We would love to have you visit and contribute. This merge was effective on March 29th 2011. We have lots of great plans for the NEW Marapedia and want you to be part of it!

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The parodies in Marapetia were made for fun purposes and should not be taken literally. Images and names pertaining to pets or places in Marada all belong to (Ian and Laimay) and were used with permission.